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FEAST @ Brick Lane Yard

Cloudless blue sky, blazing sunshine and 30° on a Sunday afternoon: Perfect conditions for an outdoor FEAST. After taking place in an abandoned Royal Mail warehouse in Angel and the Tobacco Dock in Wapping, the creators of the amazing food festival now welcomed London’s food aficionados to the premises of Brick Lane Yard.

Feast Overview

The location was, simply but effectively, converted into a classic summer garden: Artificial lawns, deckchairs, white fences, pavilions and even a croquet field were surrounded by – oh yeah – a total of 37 stalls serving delicious food and drinks. Please correct me if my memory’s mistaken, but the selection was unbelievably massive! Hardly surprising that our strategy of sharing food, to try out as many dishes as possible, wasn’t really working out. Even our group of five hungry food-lovers was far away from even tasting half of it. Well, that’s the essence of a FEAST, isn’t it?
Given the almost unpredictable London weather, the organizers definitely picked the perfect weekend for an open-air event in the capital. Owing to limited tickets for each day, there were hardly any queues at the stalls and more than enough space to sit and relax. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time out in the sun, gathering on the garden facilities, listening to groovy soul-tunes and a few brave people even showed off their croquet skills. Before launching our attack on the food front, we settled for a sunny spot on the lawn, a cool bottle of wine and gin & tonics, although ‘Caravan’s’ cocktail-creation ‘Old Fashioned’ with espresso-laced rum looked quite compelling. And of course, we had food. More than enough. These are my culinary food picks of the day:


These spicy Kimchi Quesadilla Wedges by ‘Kimchinary’, filled with cheddar, grilled aubergines, Korean pickles, kimchi cabbage and a coriander-onion cream, looked almost too good to be eaten. Well, I enjoyed them all the more. Alongside, the juicy White butifarra and morcilla sausage mini burgers of Shoreditch’s ‘Tramontana Brindisa’. Classic burger dish meets Spanish refining.


For all those, who’d rather stick to the original, ‘Patty and Bun’ had the perfect choice: The Ari Gold Cheeseburger with brioche cheese, smoky P&B mayo and bacon. Plain and simple. Next up, it’s ‘Mike + Ollie’s’ Flatbread with lamb shoulder, rocket, peas and fresh herb sauce. Tasty street food at its best!


Yes, that’s a drink. The texture of the Watermelon Bloody Mary by Spanish culture connoisseurs ‘Copita’ however resembles a fruity gazpacho. Thus, an interesting mixture of both cocktail and square meal. At long last, my dessert: Crispy Deep fried Oreos. The guys of ‘When Mac met Cheese’ do not only know how to satisfy customers’ needs for savoury stuff, but as well have a great sense for sweetness. Delicious!
May the next FEAST come!


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