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Feature: Reignwolf ‘The Chain’

Initially, I wanted to share this gem for ages and since it recently dropped into my lap again, the time just feels right. Last year, my dear best friend («hello Julia!») gave me the original 1977-pressing of Fleetwood Mac’s beloved masterpiece ‘Rumours’ as a present and re-ignited my adoration for the line-up around Stevie Nicks, Lindsey BuckinghamMick Fleetwood and the McVie’s. The main reason why I was chuffed to bits carries the wonderful title ‘The Chain’ and is one of my all-time favourite tracks. Well, covering songs is indeed a tricky thing and Rumours definitely belongs to that sort of musical creations, which can mean curse and blessing at the same time. Given the emotional circumstances the band had to cope with during recording, there’s a heartfelt and almost unbearable honesty that can hardly be re-created. To me, there is no cover out there that even comes close to the sadness, sorrow and dedication, which embodies the heart and soul within The Chain – although there are a few really, really great artists, who did not just try to cover the original, but interpreted the song in their very own unique ways.

One of these incredible re-imaginations has been delivered by Canadian native Jordan Cooke aka ‘Reignwolf for the US radio station KEXP last year. Take my word, that kid is a real phenomenon. Every time he hits the stage, Cooke transforms into that merciless blues-rock-machine, a one-man army in perfect synthesis with his guitar and drums. Gently unfolding the distinctive melody on his (oh yeah) firebird electric mandolin, tapping the beat and soulfully echoing ‘And if you don’t love me now, you’ll never love me again’, the song belongs to Reignwolf for the entire 4 minutes. He does not try to copy the original – he gratefully celebrates the tune with a raw, effortless energy, which makes it nearly impossible to not get stoked by his performance. Kudos!


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