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Mighty Oaks ‘Just One Day’

‘Three young men, from three countries, combining three part harmonies, resulting in one unique sound’: What may seem like a complicated mathematical formula is simply the musical definition of the indie-folk band Mighty Oaks. Living up to its reputation as a well-kept secret, the talented multi-instrumentalist trio, comprised of Ian Hooper (US), Claudio Donzelli (IT) and Craig Saunders (UK), recently went on tour with the likes of Dry the River, Shout Out Louds or Chvrches. And the band’s voyage appears to be far from over. As a follow-up to their critically acclaimed, self-produced Mighty Oaks EP (2011), the Berlin-based musicians released an appetizer for a forthcoming full album last month – the Just One Day EP.

Trailing the paths of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, the title track ‘Just one day’ unifies the many facets of the band’s soundscape: A melancholic and yet uplifting melody, backed by well-matched vocals and simple arrangements of acoustic guitar, banjo and mandolin tunes. Their songs’ inspiration is ever so often drawn from Hooper’s native homeland, the Pacific Northwest – an aspect that is both audible and visible here. It’s the perfect summer day out in the open. Driving around in an old car, chasing through the forest, starting a bonfire by the lake. It’s all about discovering the adventurous spirit within us, leaving our troubles behind, celebrating friendships and do those things that always felt out of reach – even if it’s for just one day.


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