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KHUSHI ‘Magpie’

Hunting for exciting new music can be quite belying and tedious. But it’s definitely worth the trouble every time you discover artists like KHUSHI. Only a few moments of his brilliant track ‘Magpie’ sufficed to catch my attention and to realize why the young London-based songwriter Kalim Patel was recently featured on the Burberry Acoustic project and is associated with heavy-weights like The National, Bon Iver or Alt-J.

Carefully built from fragile-sombre vocals and gentle guitar tunes, ‘Magpie’ unfolds as a floating indie-pop track that oscillates with driving drums and lush trumpet arrangements. Its heavy-hearted lyrics are wonderfully captured by Ryan Goodman’s cinematic work, narrating the tragedy of a dying love, the bittersweet feeling of desire and rejection, intimacy and loneliness.

KHUSHI’s single ‘Magpie’ is released on 7th October 2013 on Laissez Faire Club Records.


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