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White Denim ‘At Night in Dreams’

You never know what James Petralli, Joshua Block, Steven Terebecki and Austin Jenkins are brewing up this time round. Over the past years, the Austin-based quartet White Denim has become this recurring musical jamboree bag – unpredictable and hard to pin down to a specific sound. Whilst embracing the cornerstones of dub and garage, borrowing from progressive and psychedelic rock, and even picking up jazzy funk-elements on past releases, their upcoming fifth LP goes by the name of ‘Corsicana Lemonade’ and yet tastes like a delicious drink of good ol’ fashioned blues-americana: Well served with roaring guitars, staggering bass lines, rattling drums and refined with a hint of lemon & mint, if we glance at the album artwork. After giving a sneak peak of the new material with their soaring first single ‘Pretty Green’ (including this incredibly crazy-weird video), the four-piece delivers ‘At night in dreams’, the record’s punchy second appetizer. Voilà, enjoy!


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