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The War on Drugs – ‘Red Eyes’

Apparently, some musicians tend to strive for the unprecedented to justify a new album release – most notably Arcade Fire’s startling yet kinda unsatisfying ‘Reflektor’. Certainly, alteration is a necessary evil to progress, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel over and over again to create something beautiful. With regard to the fantastic ‚Slave Ambient‘, I am pretty glad that multi-instrumentalist Adam Granduciel remains faithful to the sound of his americana-project ‘The War on Drugs’: As a small appetizer for the eagerly anticipated third full-length album ‘Lost in the Dream‘, which will be released through ‘Secretly Canadian’ in spring 2014, the native-Philadelphian comes round the corner with a track Dylan, Springsteen or Petty would’ve been proud of.

Without beating about the bush, ‘Red Eyes’ audibly employs those ingredients that already worked well on the band’s previous record, though its arrangement feels even more ingenious and encapsulated. Slowly unfolding with vigorous piano and synth tunes, crisp guitar and drum elements, Granduciel’s raw voice eventually takes you along on a ride through the Midwest: Dashing down an endless road, inhaling the haze of freedom, passing by broad acres and rusty gas stations without any destination in mind.


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