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The creative space.

© Florian Klauer

In a way, embracing your creativity sometimes depends on a tiny yet not entirely irrelevant detail: The right working environment. Even though I love to change the places I work in, fight the daily rituals (apart from consuming shedloads of coffee), meet new people, internalise inspirations and come up with fresh ideas, it’s my old, dusty school desk where the real magic is mostly happening. It’s my safe haven, a retreat from the welcoming as well as the annoying outside influences, a place where I can, above all, find my creative focus. When I plunge into a new project, I tend to look at things from different angles, choose not to swim with the flow entirely, try to give my writing a personal twist, weave a story around it rather than just embracing the ordinary. What usually all starts out with some scribblings in my notebook, develops into mind-maps drawn by hand and a wall covered with conceptual post-its until I get a real feel for the story. The inspiration for my writing initially comes from independent arts and photography journals, culture-related zines I can get my hands on, catchy music tunes and of course by browsing through my favorite online blogs and websites that never fail to feed my appetite for ideas. How about you?


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