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Intro: Picture Tales

© Mathias Benninghoven

New Year. New Projects!

One of my resolutions for 2015 has been to engage in a bit more creative writing alongside my usual blogging about all things arts and culture. So here’s to a new endeavour that combines a love for photography, a love for putting words on paper as well as the curiosity to unearth the mysterious, unnoticed and unvoiced.

It goes by the name of Picture Tales.

To me, the underlying beauty of photography is that it lets me travel places, dive into a different world, explore foreign cultures or lifestyles and – without knowing – imagine which narrative might be concealed below the surface, placidly waiting to be exposed. So let’s be daring for once, choose an image that captures our creativity and weave a unique story, fuse the visuals with some inspiring writing. Call it mini photo-essay, feature article, flash fiction, short story or poem. There’s no boundaries.

And yeah, why not develop that idea even further? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a few other people on board for a collaboration? I’d love to invite aspiring writers out there to join in and share their stories here on the blog in the future. Just drop me a line via intoshallowdepths(at) and get that conversation flowing!

Stay tuned, folks.


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