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The Black Ryder: ‘Let Me Be Your Light’

I can’t really say how many times I’ve played this song on repeat already. It’s one of these tracks – and most of the The Black Ryder’s are – that just urges you to drop everything you’re doing, close your eyes and indulge in the drift. And there’s the tricky bit: With a video that works so so so well with a haunting tune like that, it would be an utter waste to miss out on the aesthetics. Comfortably aligning between dream-pop and shoegaze, the uplifting and spheric ‘Let Me Be Your Light’ is taken from the second full-length album ‘The Door Behind the Door’ and the fourth single following ‘Seventh Moon’, ‘Babylon’ and ‘Santaria’. With hushed voice, accentuated by fuzzy bass, ambient guitars and hypnotic cymbals, the L.A.-based Australian expat duo Aimee Nash and Scott von Ryper embarks on a journey to find catharsis, transcendence and ascension – beautifully visualised by filmmaker Juan Azulay.



  1. Hi Mathias,
    Beautiful blog. The director for the Let Me Be Your Light video is Juan Azulay, not Franco Nero. Cheers! S.S.

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for the kind words & for letting me know! I’ll change that right away 🙂

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