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Hunting for Solitude

I always wondered how people can be so burned-out they need a break. There’s always time to switch off, isn’t it? Well, sometimes you’re bombarded with things that make it difficult to say ‘No, it’s enough’. And society pretty much teaches us to always be on our toes, to immerse ourselves in tons of projects, to be always attainable on all channels, to stick out and make a name for ourselves at any price. Onwards and upwards. And yeah, the last couple of weeks and months have been a bit manic, with a workload soaring up bit by bit and freelance & volunteering commitments going literally ballistic. And there’s no end in sight, really. Not that I dread the time, I like to be busy and it’s been pretty amazing! But my batteries were kinda drained and I was running low on creative input lately. So I decided to take a break from work stuff and the busy city life as much as possible, pack my bags & head up North to the beautiful wilderness of Skye …


Nomad Adventures: How Far From Home

* Adventure * Travel * Photography * Instagram If you’re eagerly ticking all of these boxes, there’s a chance you’ve come across Chanel Cartell & Stevo Dirnberger’s free-spirited project ‘How Far From Home’. Good for you, it’s ace. All of you, who haven’t, heads up! Over the past 15 years altogether, the couple from Johannesburg worked in creative advertising and branding industries and enjoyed what you might call ‘the good life’: family, friends, great and steady jobs, shiny cars and a beautiful home. However, their lives seemed to have navigated them into a dead end. Everything felt a little too set, a little too perfect, with too much routine and too little challenge. So they decided to sell everything they own, set out into the big world out there, seek the adventure and fuel their creative needs. Or to make it short: Two creatives. One wanderlist. Zero reasons to stay home. And because they can’t just live off their adventures & experiences alone, Chanel and Stevo signed up for Workaway, which allows nomads like them to stay …