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Chasing Lyrical Natural Sciences: Katrina McHugh

Last year, I dived head-first into quite a challenge. I vowed to tell a story through a photograph for 100 days straight. It was a tough, fun and quite frankly a liberating thing to do – you should all try it some day. And as I already said back then, the aspect that makes the #100dayproject so special is the communal spirit that ensued, learning about the daily struggles and inspirations of thousands of other participants, and eventually, finding out about the many supercool projects out there that otherwise might not’ve seen the light of day. #100daysoflyricalnaturalsciences was a quick favourite of mine. San Francisco-based graphic designer Katrina McHugh set out to create beautiful diagrams and infographics out of song lyrics that are rooted in the natural world: ‘I was and am interested in how often people rely on references to nature when attempting to bring shape to the intangible complexities involved in this “being alive” business. It’s no easy task to communicate our human experience so if a nature metaphor gets you a bit closer to whatever the …


Wrap up time: #100DaysOfTales

So yeah, I did it! Last friday, well, 3 days behind the big schedule, I launched my final photo story on instagram. Time to wrap up & look back on the crazy amazing journey that left me inspired, exhausted and above all proud. Weeks earlier I decided to be part of a movement, a self-experiment, a challenge to see if I’d keep up or quit the whole thing. For #100DaysOfTales I captured 100 moments, big and small, meaningful and abstract, and brought them to life in 100 stories. Some were fictional stories that just felt right in the visual context, some were drawn from memories and experiences, some served as an emotional release, some actually happened right in front of me, while others were just mere thoughts and ideas that popped up and I tried to bring into a narrative order. Sounds easy peasy, but it was a struggle sometimes. There were days when I had no creativity at all, story-wise and visually. Then there were days when my brain was brimming over with ideas and had 2, 3, 4 things ready in my head, just no photo to go along with. …


The 100 Day Project √

Hello curious friends, bloggers, followers, strangers and internet roamers! After 40-something days of lent, giving up coffee and sweets with an iron will, it’s time to turn the tables. The next 100 days will be about making things happen instead of taking a pass on something. So from 6th April to 14th July 2015, I am taking part in #The100DayProject, which has been kick-started by creative artist Elle Luna & quarterly magazine The Great Discontent who encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. “The great surrender is in the process; showing up day after day is the goal. For the 100-Day Project, it’s not about fetishizing finished products – it’s about the process.” I’m a bit terrified about what lies ahead, but my excitement and curiosity clearly outweighs my doubts. So what am I doing from tomorrow onwards? Well, I’ve toyed with this for quite a few days until I settled with an idea that seems viable, hopefully isn’t too time-consuming and yet challenges me enough to keep going all the way. My little …