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Illustration Wizardry: Bryce Louw

It seems safe to say that London’s wonderful abundance of art can be pretty overwhelming at times and even turn your head into a dizzy mess, still I wouldn’t have discovered so many shining talents without it. Thank god, I was then curious enough to have a go at Hackney Wick’s creative hub Stour Space and its brilliant Dys-Wik show, which instantly made me fall in love with Bryce Louw’s illustration wizardry. And now, almost a year later (& his serpent artwork adorning my living room), let us take a closer look at this young South African expat, who wanders the streets of East London for inspiration and impresses with a disturbingly gnarly drawing style: His sketches invite you into a world of bestiality, bizarreness and voyeurism, inhabited by brooding, forlorn characters, always with a keen eye for organic aesthetics. Check out these links for more info. Twitter Instagram