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‘Reasons why we cry’ by Rachel Hill

Next one on my personal tour d’arte through ECA‘s seemingly endless halls filled with art exhibits is designer and illustrator Rachel Hill, whose eye-catching works nailed down this year’s collections purchase prize for illustration. Drawing from a wide repertoire of styles and themes, her degree show pieces included this organic, imaginative series of artworks based on the many reasons why we cry: Find out more about Rachel’s work here.

‘Aden’: A silent narrative graphic novel by Laura Griffin

What’s an easy-peasy way to find out about bright new talents of the creative fields? And no, I don’t mean pinterest or behance this time – it’s the annual art school degree shows. Edinburgh, here we go! For the second year running, the Edinburgh College of Art celebrated the innovative work of more than 500 graduating artists in an extensive 9-day exhibition. As I am still amazed by the illustration, product design and architecture pieces, I’d like to showcase some of my ECA discoveries over the next few days and weeks. Let’s start off with illustrator Laura Griffin, who exhibited original artworks of her 66-page, self-published project ‘ADEN’. Taking inspiration from black & white photography and the medium of cinema, she describes her impressive work as ‘an artistic silent narrative graphic novel about a man’s journey through a surreal dystopian location called ADEN and through his experiences it shapes his understanding of his own existence.’ Beautiful, thrilling and thoughtful, have a look: Find out more about ADEN and Laura’s other projects here: Instagram Twitter …

Morvern Cunningham © Eoin Carey

Behind Grassroots Culture: Interview with Morvern Cunningham

When I moved to Edinburgh I was keen and curious to find out about the artistic pulse of the city. Clearly spoilt with an overwhelming cluster of contemporary visual art, pop-up exhibitions and street art around almost every corner, it took a bit of adapting to the new surroundings. Looking past the rather conservative art scene façade, far from prime location galleries and the annual Festival Fringe extravaganza on Royal Mile, there’s a bunch of hidden gems waiting to be discovered in the midst of Edinburgh’s often neglected neighbourhood of Leith. One venture, that’s jointly responsible for the area’s growing reputation as a vibrant and colourful haven for creatives, is LeithLate. Time for a wee chat with founder Morvern Cunningham about art in the Scottish capital, ongoing projects and ambitions for 2014. Hello Morvern, for anyone unfamiliar with your work, tell us a bit about LeithLate. LeithLate is an annual multi-arts event that takes place across multiple Leith venues in the space of one night. We are also responsible for a number of public art initiatives in Leith including The …

Hidden Door Festival @ Market Street Vaults, Edinburgh

Now that the dust has settled, it’s about time for a wee photographic look back on to the magnificent Hidden Door Festival, which has taken the city by storm. Illuminating the long-forgotten Market Street Vaults with a 9-day showcase of Scotland’s breakthrough talents in music, theatre, art and film, it simply became a vivid and colourful analogue to Edinburgh’s often criticized, rather neglecting relationship with innovative contemporary arts outside of the Fringe circuit. And instead of just taking the visitor by the hand, the concept of Hidden Door dared the public to explore a place beyond the ordinary and uncover the shadowy secrets of each and every vault – as well as to embrace the extravaganza happening outside of the confined spaces. Even with the vaults soon to be transformed into retail spaces of some sorts (what a shame!), there’s gonna be another Hidden Door bound to be found by us, wherever that may be. Stay curious. Check out more snaps from the Hidden Door Festival on flickr.