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When I left London for Edinburgh a few years prior, everyone kept saying: “Look, you’re moving somewhere affordable, a place with charm, character and soul.” Of course, then I did not believe I was in for such a wonderful treat. In the last couple of months the reaction has been quite a similar one. An “Oh Berlin. I envy you” here, an “Berlin? Now, I’m jealous” there. Today, sitting in my new, rather empty apartment, between boxes piling up to the heavens, patiently waiting to be unpacked, it all feels a little strange to be here. A good kind of strange, I have to say. Pretty much six years ago to this day, I first set foot on an island that was foreign, yet took me in with open arms. A place brimming with life, a place I gladly called home shortly after, made the best friends, built relationships and with every passing day I wasn’t sure what to think about going back to the familiar home shores. Now after a heartfelt jump into the …

The Blue Angel Lounge ‘Desolate Sands’

It’s incredible how quickly time flies. Could’ve been 12 years ago, when I sat down with my hometown friends Nils & Mel in an attic crammed with instruments, listening to track snippets, watching them jam and experiment, brooding over guitar riffs and bass lines. And in 2014, after the release of two mesmerising albums in the shade of mass media attention, sharing stages with the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Interpol or The Dandy Warhols, the dimension of their musical aspiration has certainly changed quite a bit since then. If anything, The Blue Angel Lounge, paying tribute to the legendary New York club that offered Velvet Underground’s Nico her first shows in the US, show no signs of slowing down: ‘Desolate Sands’ is the second track from their upcoming 3rd full-length album ‘Sea of Trees’ – due on 5th May via A Records – and features a great fusion of familiar psych and post-punk elements. Check out the official video directed by Levin Goes Lightly: