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Luminescent Neon Portraits by Hid Saib

We’ve seen some remarkable portrait photography in almost every imaginable facet, form and variation. Brazilian photographer Hid Saib however treads a truly electrifying path far from the norm, delving into the medium of neon paint for his most recent project. Fusing the mysterious with the animally, the enticing with the svelte, ‘Neon’ (2013) and follow-up series ‘Neonzinhos’ (2014) create a bold showcase of glittering aesthetics that simply left me with a gaping mouth. Ace. ‘I wanted to figure out how to translate each emotion into an almost cosmic visual—an entire world in itself. There was an immediate need to see through the smokescreen we use to shield ourselves. You could say that seeing these unseasonal shades of neon set off a trigger. Colours and expressions, two unadulterated truths, became one in my head.’ (Hid Saib) Check out these links for more of his works. Facebook instagram