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‘Enduring Light’ by Yaz Norris

‘Is the importance of light in photography being forgotten?’ That’s the all-encompassing question that mirrors the haunting b/w series ‘Enduring Light’ of young photographer and ECA graduate Yaz Norris. For her, breaking through the natural barriers of how we perceive the world we come to accept as reality, shaped by the sensory forms of light and shadow, enables us to question our surroundings: ‘It personally came to me when I discovered the happenstance of a projection that mimicked the result of a camera obscura’, she admits. ‘While the wind sucked the blind into the window, the light hit a specific angle causing it to bend, with the result that the buildings opposite were delicately illuminated across the wall. The refraction was blurry and moving, but it occurred completely naturally, and completely by accident.’ If you look at her cracking images, she’s pretty much given the right answer herself.

Check out Yaz’ website for her other projects or follow her via twitter.

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