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Creative Findings #1: Of Scavengers, Departures, Globe Makers & Generative Illustrations

I suppose I’m quite an avid list maker. I keep track of pretty much everything from the creative sphere. Artists I’d love to feature. Interviews to take on. Articles to read. Places to explore. Themes or topics to write about. Exhibitions to visit. And of course, there’s all this fascinating stuff floating about on the web that ends up on my bookmark section & it would be a shame not to share with people out here. So that’s this week’s bite-sized selection of inspiring, attention-grabbing things. Round #1, here we go!

The good folk at Colossal have recently featured this beautiful series of works by Janusz Jurek that explores the different forms of generative illustration as it relates to the human shape. Looks smashing, doesn’t it?

Photographer Emilie van Camp has shared her fab photo essay Diary of a Weekend on tête-à-tête & PLATE. Beautiful wintery images accompanied by beautiful words of contemplation, thoughts about departures, new beginnings and embracing change. Read it here.

The culture explorers over at Creative Boom have been putting aside the digital gadgets and went on to track down one of the last remaining handmade globemakers in the world & found them in Stoke Newington, London, named Bellerby Globemakers.

In her ongoing Scavenger series, Jenny Riffle captures the adventures of her boyfriend Riley, a young treasure hunter. Read the stories behind his findings via Accent Magazine’s issue 9. Pure bliss!

Thank you & until next time!

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