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From the Visible to the Tangible : Unseen Art

Imagine you wouldn’t be able to read what I’m writing right now. Unable to see what I’m seeing before me. Head to a museum or art gallery and not being able to marvel at this famous painting, this striking photograph, this stunning sculpture and sense the same excitement for the artist’s spark of ingenuity. The need to rely on other people’s description, perception and appreciation for an artwork rather than connecting the dots yourself. For some of us this might be hard to grasp, but for others this is just daily routine.
Marc Dillon tries to change that, at least temporarily. His project Unseen Art strives
to give blind and visually impaired people a chance to enjoy, experience and interact with art in a different way. Similar to Didu, an exciting new relief printing technique by Spanish designers Estudios Durero that adds palpable layers to paintings and photographs, the Finnish software programmer turns the visible into the tangible and recreates old and new masterpieces in 3D. He is currently raising funds to kickstart Unseen Art as a global non-commercial open source platform for artists to develop, share and use ideas and blueprints to bring the art to public and private spaces all over the world. And here’s a great side-effect: By giving a painting a realistic shape and interacting with it like never before is not only a sensation for the one’s unable to see, but a new experience for sighted people as well. Don’t tell me you never pictured yourself touching the brush strokes of your favourite painting as a kid? Well, you soon could, even in 3 dimensions.

Give his crowdfunding campaign some love over here & get in touch via social media.

Unseen Art

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