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Spot On | The mystical world of Daehyun Kim

We always want to explain everything. Find an answer to the question. Find a reason for doing something this way or that way. Even vindicate why we adore or reject something. Sometimes, you see things that are just so breathtaking, there’s not much you have to explain. A simple ‘W O W’. That was pretty much what my brain was able to piece together at the mere sight of Daehyun Kim’s deeply mysterious, captivating and yet so simple Moonassi-seriesTaking influence from his own studies in traditional East-Asian art and painting, the Seoul-born illustrator creates intricate ink drawings of characters symbolising ideas and aspects of daily life, relationships and the search for identity in an incessantly philosophical manner: ‘I wanted to draw something I really know and something I really can speak about. It was my inner feelings and my intimate relations that give me various emotions. What I like to create is a drawing as an empty space between me and the viewer, so that people can talk and find their own story from my drawings.’

Check out more of his fab artworks over here:

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