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Back in Time: Reviving an Analog Classic

My record collection is a rather humble one. Old rock and blues classics of my dad’s sit side by side with newer music darlings I’ve acquired over the years and now seem to win the upper hand against the rarities. How often have I been telling friends, strangers, co-workers, even family that vinyl has made a fearless, yet (to most) unnoticed comeback? ‘It’s probably just another wave of nostalgia that comes with that hipster surge. It’ll be over soon enough, you’ll see’, was a typical, well-meant answer. Funny enough, the numbers soon did prove the opposite. After surpassing CD sales for the first time and vinyl releases by both underground bands and mainstream artists regularly hitting the stores, nobody doubts the format’s stirring return. So who’s next? The tape cassette? I heard rumours a few years back that it’s on an upswing too. Cassette Store Day and all. But a proper return like its resurrected predecessor? Well, if we can believe the National Audio Company, the last cassette factory producing the magic magnetic tapes in the U.S, it’s here to stay once again. Watch the intriguing Great Big Story below. Unearth the good old Walkman & press the play button!

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