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‘Fixed It’: Obscured Portraits by Henrietta Harris

Henrietta Harris is a super-talented Auckland-based illustrator and painter, who already left her mark on the art world with exhibited works in places like Tokyo, London, New York or Miami’s edition of Art Basel. Her signature portraitures depart into the surreal with faces sometimes obscured and misplaced by the clean sweep of a brush stroke – something you can see in her cool new oil painting series ‘Fixed it’. Absolutely amazing, isn’t it? @twitter @instagram @facebook

Cover © Fabienne Rivory

Croisées by Fabienne Rivory

Creating something excitingly new often means questioning common perceptions, mindsets and practices. For her long-time project ‘Labokoff’, French artist Fabienne Rivory explores the interactions between photography and painting, the interface of the real and the imagined. Just recently, she released a new, vibrant set of works – a series called ‘Croisées’ that’s as dreamy and poetic as her earlier creations: Beautifully mirrored reflections of eerie landscapes shot in b/w-tones are brought to life with bright watercolours, ink and gouache. A fusion made in heaven, as it seems. @twitter @facebook  

Visual Art Mixology: Carne Griffiths

The great thing about art is the diversity of the field, the unwillingness to stand still, but to push boundaries, progress and follow new routes. Apart from his fantastic skillset and unique approach to his subjects, Carne Griffiths clearly stands out with his technique and choice of material. It’s not merely the fact that he uses calligraphy ink, graphite, tea, vodka and brandy to create his paintings, but it’s the way he sparks an organic interaction between the matter by manipulating the drawn line that makes his work so excitingly versatile. Aesthetically his highly spiritual artworks explore the human form without boundaries, playing with symbolism, geometric and floral patterns to evoke a web of narrative patterns that feel all too familiar.           Follow Carne’s work here: Instagram Twitter