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At 15, considerably late in the game, I first picked up a skateboard and decided that this was the way I want to spend my time with, the way of exploring and making sense of the physical world around me. When I’m at my parents, my old room still has that skate rat feel to it. Broken boards here and there, some cut-out photos and ads of my favourite pros, some worn-out shoes crammed in the back of the wardrobe and of course, the huge pile of magazines collected along the way. A big chunk of my early skateboarding education, I owe to the videos I borrowed from friends on VHS or DVD and studied over and over and over again, yet my weapon of choice for inspiration were the print magazines released every month. Now, in times of the digital word, countless blogs, social media, digesting the news about literally anything – not just the subculture of skateboarding – has changed radically, not just compared to the early 2000’s, but the pre-internet times. And …

Mapping the Self: Patrice Barnabé

Whilst the art of self-portraiture, irrespective of creative discipline, has been often perceived as the magical door leading to the artist’s soul, it captures only a limited segment of a person’s life with all its emotions, experiences and mysteries. Patrice Barnabé is a London-based French Rioplatense graphic designer, who tries to approach the task from a slightly different perspective. With his elaborate use of typography, illustration and mapping, he tries to challenge and redefine the traditional format of the self-portrait on an extensive scale: ‘Geography and maps gather a lot of information and identity in a very condensed infographic. By picturing myself as an island, I managed to tell a lot about myself, show my favourite places on earth —some imaginary as well— and have some fun doing it.’ Find more of Patrice’s artworks & say Hi on social media: Patrice Barnabé @Twitter

On The Bookshelf: The Eighty-Eight Volume 2

It’s been a while since I last introduced an exciting new magazine to the blogosphere, so here’s the newest addition to my mag stand. The Eighty-Eight  proudly refers to itself as the ‘adventurous magazine for the occasional thinker’, featuring essays, stories and pictures, girdled by engaging, playful designs and illustrations. Created by curator and jazz musician Jamie Cullum, editor Anna-Marie Crowhurst and art director Kate Monument, Volume #2 is jam-packed with great and unusual stories, quirky illustrations and cheeky commentaries you won’t easily find elsewhere. What about finding the true origin of Come on Eileen, taking a dip into the dark and dirty history of flamenco or rummaging a whole mini zine dedicated to Donuts? Exactly. And because I can’t feature all of the goodies, here are my 3 fav picks from the issue! Isobel Diamond & John Hooper: Kerala by Rail Some time ago, photographer John Hooper and writer Isobel Diamond set off to travel the vastness of the Indian land & chose the most common means of transport: On one of the 11.000 trains traversing the 71.000 miles of track. This amazing …