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Through the Minds Eye @ Curious Duke Gallery

Buried in thought, the young woman gazes into the distance with a graceful spirit. And yet there is a mysterious element hidden somewhere beneath the fine layers of acrylic brush strokes, swirls of spray-paint and charcoal contours in all of Hannah Adamaszek’s mesmerizing artworks. Gifted with a distinctive, refreshingly different approach to her craft, the Crawley-based artist unites what the Curious Duke excels in: Providing a stage for thrilling art beyond the ordinary. Already featured in the wonderful ‘Art of Curiosity’, Hannah’s Aztec-inspired paintings now fill the gallery as her well-deserved first solo show Through the minds eye’ sets off.

Expressive and thought-provoking, the imagery of Hannah’s featured works is drawn from a wide range of inspirations. Unmistakably influenced by portrait photography and street art techniques, referring to the free spirit of the 60’s/70’s and the pristine philosophy of the Native-Americans, her artworks playfully explore the many facets of human emotion. Conceptually, she works her solely feminine figures around a personal feeling or brings the memory of a specific place on canvas: ‘I want to portray a feeling, normally the feeling of a daydream – which is impenetrable to others.’
The artist’s mind can be quite baffling. Whether it’s the expression of a personal emotion, an idle wish, a disappointment, a joyful memory or a priceless experience – you’ll never know to which conclusion an art piece will lead you. Hannah Adamaszek’s artworks – relived and visualised daydreams so to speak – take the observer by the hand without revealing the true essence behind her protagonist’s depiction: Trusting in the universality and inspiring effect of a distinctive poem, a passage from a book, a line of a song or an artist’s saying, the observer is challenged to explore his own emotional associations with the artwork through the mind’s eye. Care to give it a try?
The exhibition ‘Through the minds eye’ still runs until 21st September 2013 at Curious Duke Gallery, 207 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8QP.

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