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‘Project Fifty’ by Little White Lies

As we all know far too well, people’s tastes tend to differ quite a lot and films are certainly no exception here. Before even seeing a flick in its entirety, we’re inevitably biased by trailers, posters, reviews and most of all by our personal likes and dislikes of certain actors, directors, genres or themes. Still, there are definitely a few movies that almost everyone refers to as outstanding, timeless classics. Whether it’s Casablanca, The Godfather, Forrest Gump or Oldboy, you’ll find pretty much everything that shattered, revolutionised or redefined the world of cinema in IMDb’s infamous Top 250 films of all time. Well, but how on earth does, let’s say Charlie Chaplin’s remarkable City Lights from 1931 (#37) get beaten by 21st century sci-fi blockbuster Inception (#15), you might think? Fair question. Maybe because it oddly feels like comparing apples and oranges. ‘So why don’t we just cherish the most outstanding film of each year instead of compiling a general highscore list?’ was probably the initial thought behind Little White Lies exciting Project Fifty’. Genius!

In celebration of the filmzine’s 50th issue, its creators invited an ambitious squad of fifty directors, actors, cinematographers and critics to recall the past five decades of film history and unveil their personal unequalled cinematic darlings year after year. As Little White Lies usually impresses with witty, trenchant writing as well as award-winning design and terrific illustrations, it seemed only natural to team up with (what a surprise) fifty creative talents like Dan Mumford, Joe Wilson, Owen Davey or Muti to visualize each film’s most iconic scene on canvas. Let’s do the maths: 50 Writers, 50 Artists, 50 Years. 50 Movies. Here we go!

After the festive release of its marvellous anniversary print issue a few weeks ago, Little White Lies comes up with yet another special treat for the art aficionados amongst us: For a brief period of seven days, the 50 original A3-sized artworks will be on display at  Little White Lies’ shiny Old Street Station pop-up shop and offer a firsthand chance to see and snatch stunning limited edition prints for a bargain. So better hurry and brace yourselves for a time travel back to the year 1964, fast-forwarding past the Hitchcockian Marnie and the abyssal Requiem for a Dream right up to the quirky lands of Moonrise Kingdom. And don’t forget about those intriguing gems you might not have heard of or probably would not have dared to cast a second glance at. Titicut Follies, Touki Bouki or Slapshot, anyone?

The Little White Lies pop-up shop runs until 3rd December 2013 at Old Street Station Concourse, London EC1Y 1BE. If you can’t make it there, you can still get the prints over here.

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