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Behind the Mask: Sandra Chevrier’s ‘Cage’ series

Honesty and authenticity are significant features I hold dear in people whom I am sharing intimate moments of joy and sorrow with: No make-up, no cheesy smiles, no false sympathy, no façades, just being your true self. That may be the case with our closest friends and families, who bravely tolerate even our greatest flaws and weaknesses. Outside of this sheltered entity, the world yet seems to be quite a different one. Whether it’s in front of our boss, co-workers or even team-mates, we often play a role defined by the irrevocable values of society and thus – intentional or unintentional – living a life behind a mask every now and then.

Empathizing with the female perspective, the French-Canadian artist, illustrator and painter Sandra Chevrier visualises ourtwisted preconceptions of what a woman should or shouldn’t beand their constant struggle to escape these prisons of identity. Brilliantly merging fine art with pop and street art styles, her Marvel & DC symbolism-infused ‘cage’-series illustrates society’s utopian expectation for pure beauty and perfection, asking the women to take the shape of female superheroes. Sounds like another expression of art feminism to you? Well, Chevrier insists that she mainly chose to work with women for the aesthetic side of it, while the social message of liberation could also work for society’s predefined grasp on the lives of men or children.

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