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Spot On: Google’s ‘Street Art Project’

Maybe you’ve already noticed, but google has officially launched their newest interactive feature a few weeks ago. The ‘Street Art project is proudly advertised as a digital exhibition space, library and immortalisation of urban art for future generations. Sounds like a wholehearted call, but let’s face it: Practically, Maps & Street View are (a) predestined tools to locate all the awesomeness on our big city walls and (b) longevity is unfortunately a pressing issue with street art – quite often unappreciated and removed, painted over by other artists or those who shouldn’t consider themselves as such. Well, is this the end of those countless street art blogs, which so many of us have come to appreciate? Probably not. Rather just another – more organised and quickly growing – source of inspiration for art lovers, under the watchful eye of the media giant’s ‘Cultural Institute’. And after all, there’s something both things can’t replace anyways: The real thrill of exploration and discoveries, wandering the streets of Brooklyn, Paris, East London or Downtown L.A., always on the hunt for exciting bits and pieces of urban art. So, get out there and find some of those hidden gems yourselves!

Check it out here.

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