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The Pigeon Plan

We’ve seen wonderful charitable projects that had quite an impact on the lives of kids in areas shattered by war, natural catastrophes and social marginalisation by threading new, alternative paths. While ambitious ventures such as Skateistan are mostly supported by newly created organisations, generous sponsors, widespread media coverage (inside and outside of the mainstream) and hundreds of helping hands, a small project initiated by the collective around professional skateboarders Louis Taubert, Kerem Elvers and Lucas Fiederling takes a similar line, though with entirely different DIY resources and aspirations. The idea behind ‘The Pigeon Plan’ originates from a number of trips down to South Africa in the last few years, which left them saddened by the massive gap between the rich and poor in the country. While most newly erected skateparks in South Africa have a pretty good standard, many kids from underprivileged backgrounds can’t afford to use them without the necessary equipment at hand. That’s how the initiative comes into play: Over the last few months, 100 once-loved boards have been donated, collected and equipped with trucks, wheels and bearings, before they were sent on the long journey from Kiel, the northern tip of Germany, down to Cape Town in January. These were then passed on to local orphanages, schools and other children’s institutions, who take part in the program. As sustainability is key to their efforts, the project’s next step is to raise enough money to have a constant flow of volunteers on the ground, who take care of the kids, organise skate sessions and workshops on a regular, continuous basis. Certainly, The Pigeon Plan is not going to tackle these children’s problems immediately, bring them education, wealth and prosperity. In fact, it’s a playful chance to brighten up their days, to strengthen their self-esteem and perseverance, to explore their creativity and to learn about the true spirit of skateboarding. Freedom and comradeship.

If you’d like to know more about The Pigeon Plan and how to support, head over here:


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