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On The Bookshelf: The Boy Who Made Faces

Probably every kid I grew up with has encountered, loved and dreaded the pretty dark and subtly evil stories by Wilhelm Busch. Does Struwwelpeter or Max and Moritz ring a bell? Well then you might see the connection here. At least for me, Marco Bevilacqua‘s little booklet The Boy Who Made Faces brilliantly catapults me back into this chapter of my childhood. Under his alias of Want Some Studio, the Edinburgh-based designer and illustrator creates artworks that fuse traditional hand crafted and digital processes, taking influences from street and pop art. The 70 page volume The Boy Who Made Faces contains 13 shrewd illustrated poems filled with heaps of black humour and reflections on the multi-media culture and shifting society we live in. Just take The Boy Who Ate Himself, The Mean Bean or Freddy and his Finger: Wilhelm Busch would’ve been proud for sure. Have a look at these fab teasers below:

Check out more of Marco’s illustrations & get in touch on social media!

Want Some Studio

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