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Shaping Mountain Silhouettes | Katy Ann Gilmore

If I’m honest, Christmas has been a wonderful time of repose, contemplation and, of course, overindulgence, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been all lazy, smug and reluctant to spend some time off browsing, searching and discovering exciting new talent now and then. So one of the names that’s scribbled on the top of my list is Katy Ann Gilmore’s and you’re about to find out why she’s the real deal: For her eye-catching drawings, large-scale murals and installations, the L.A.-based visual artist takes inspiration from nature and topography and seeks to further explore the relationship between 2D, perpendicular planes and their distortions into 3D space. Usually armed with her army of acrylic markers and a steady hand, Gilmore meticulously works the canvas, adding pen stroke after pen stroke in a staccato fashion that eventually weaves into biomorphic silhouettes of the hilly landscapes and monumental mountain ranges waiting on her very doorstep. Have a look, it’s a real treat!










Check out more of her artworks & get in touch via social media.

Katy Ann Gilmore

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