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And Here We Harvest the Fog

Ingenuity exists in so many ways, it’s mind-boggling what’s possible when people just pursue their dreams and harness their creativity to the fullest. That’s where the passion of the people behind Makeshift stems from. Known for a kaleidoscope of beautifully crafted content that seeks to uncover creative solutions from the economic fringe, it’s no wonder why the magazine quickly snatched a hot spot on my bookmarks list. Just take features about Barcelona’s pickpocketing school, Palestine’s lone brewery, building DIY limbs in Thailand or the Chinese copy painters of Dafen as a benchmark and you’ll get a good impression of what I mean with innovative stories. And their Power Hackers short film series is no exception, visiting unexpected makers and designers who are developing creative climate solutions. I especially loved this one on the Cloud Catchers of Peru.

By using nylon nets, lo-tech ingenuity and an abundant local resource, the locals of Lima’s arid hill villages developed a hack to maintain the supply of water in the surrounding areas. With nature’s future on the razor’s edge, it’s always great to see that using the environment to our advantage – without exploiting Mother Earth – doesn’t even need full-on political legislation, but works on a much smaller scale. Creativity is key.


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