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Illustrated film goodness: Delve Weekly

One of my favourite mags and absolute movie-go-to source undisputedly is Little White Lies. Well-informed writing, fabulous reviews, sleek design and each issue accompanied by a beautifully illustrated cover for the next exciting, upcoming film release. If only they’d release an issue more often than just every two months. Maybe I’m just being greedy here, but in the meantime, a cool newsletter service luckily dropped in my lap that comes in with a fresh idea to celebrate film week-by-week.

Probably still flying a bit under the radar of many, Delve Weekly is the brainchild of London-based creative agency Human After All (who co-founded Little White Lies, btw) and recommends one new film that’s most worth watching at the cinema, bite-sized to our inboxes every Friday. And aside from a well-rounded review by the likes of Peter Bradshaw or Karen Krizanovich and a bunch of intriguing links that compliment the weekly feature, delve also offers a pretty tasty treat for design lovers like me: Alternative poster designs.

Once the panel of critics decides on a feature they deem unmissable, the studio bucks up and tracks down just the perfect designer to capture the essence of the film and visualise it in their own unique style. By taking great inspiration from 1940s Polish and Czech posters that rather grasped the movie’s bigger theme than just using a still, the creatives face quite a challenge. Most of the cases, neither the studio nor the artists have had a shot at the full feature, so it’s a lot about learning as much as possible through trailers, photos and synopsis before the graphic design work kicks off. If you want to find out more about the process from choosing the film to finished artwork, check this or just hover over to the delve design shop to see all these beautiful poster designs.

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