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Shaping Mountain Silhouettes | Katy Ann Gilmore

If I’m honest, Christmas has been a wonderful time of repose, contemplation and, of course, overindulgence, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been all lazy, smug and reluctant to spend some time off browsing, searching and discovering exciting new talent now and then. So one of the names that’s scribbled on the top of my list is Katy Ann Gilmore’s and you’re about to find out why she’s the real deal: For her eye-catching drawings, large-scale murals and installations, the L.A.-based visual artist takes inspiration from nature and topography and seeks to further explore the relationship between 2D, perpendicular planes and their distortions into 3D space. Usually armed with her army of acrylic markers and a steady hand, Gilmore meticulously works the canvas, adding pen stroke after pen stroke in a staccato fashion that eventually weaves into biomorphic silhouettes of the hilly landscapes and monumental mountain ranges waiting on her very doorstep. Have a look, it’s a real treat!                   Check out more of her artworks & get in touch via social media. …

Mapping the Self: Patrice Barnabé

Whilst the art of self-portraiture, irrespective of creative discipline, has been often perceived as the magical door leading to the artist’s soul, it captures only a limited segment of a person’s life with all its emotions, experiences and mysteries. Patrice Barnabé is a London-based French Rioplatense graphic designer, who tries to approach the task from a slightly different perspective. With his elaborate use of typography, illustration and mapping, he tries to challenge and redefine the traditional format of the self-portrait on an extensive scale: ‘Geography and maps gather a lot of information and identity in a very condensed infographic. By picturing myself as an island, I managed to tell a lot about myself, show my favourite places on earth —some imaginary as well— and have some fun doing it.’ Find more of Patrice’s artworks & say Hi on social media: Patrice Barnabé @Twitter

Spot On | Emma Abad

For some reason, I’ve never featured someone on here who’s (predominantly) working with collages. Well, every streak has to come to an end some day. May I introduce? This is Emma Abad. She’s a mixed media artist and Jersey native, who grabbed my attention by, well, just being awesome on my instagram feed. Her work merges photography, illustration and watercolours in beautiful image manipulations that seek to explore the relationships of identity and narratives encompassing our lives. “I’m forever influenced by narrative art. Creative stories without explanations or consequences that build self-discovery and awareness is an ever-growing process for me. There is a desire to always find an answer to a problem.” Indeed, there’s something incredibly mysterious, soothing and adventurous about her dreamy collages that resonates in between the layers and makes me want to play detective, uncover and suss out the hidden story fragments. Check it out, it’s pretty rad!               Check out more of her artworks & get in touch via social media. Emma Abad @Twitter @Instagram @Facebook

From the Visible to the Tangible : Unseen Art

Imagine you wouldn’t be able to read what I’m writing right now. Unable to see what I’m seeing before me. Head to a museum or art gallery and not being able to marvel at this famous painting, this striking photograph, this stunning sculpture and sense the same excitement for the artist’s spark of ingenuity. The need to rely on other people’s description, perception and appreciation for an artwork rather than connecting the dots yourself. For some of us this might be hard to grasp, but for others this is just daily routine. Marc Dillon tries to change that, at least temporarily. His project Unseen Art strives to give blind and visually impaired people a chance to enjoy, experience and interact with art in a different way. Similar to Didu, an exciting new relief printing technique by Spanish designers Estudios Durero that adds palpable layers to paintings and photographs, the Finnish software programmer turns the visible into the tangible and recreates old and new masterpieces in 3D. He is currently raising funds to kickstart Unseen Art as a global …

Spot On | The Pixel Trade

A warm bed, a hearty dish and a flight ticket to Marrakech for a stack of beautiful food photography. Sounds almost too good to be true? Well, that’s pretty much how it works if your name is Shantanu Starick. Dreaming of traveling to the world’s 7 continents, dissatisfied and constantly questioning how the creative industries worked, the Australian photographer dared to brush aside old principles and fight his constant struggle between work exposure, financial income and creative fulfilment. So by June 2012 he set up Pixel Trade and started offering his professional work in exchange for life’s simplest necessities – a place to stay, something to eat & the means to get to the next place without spending a single dime. And it seems to have been quite a smooth ride: From photographing weddings in California, artisan knife makers in Ireland, adventurers in the Ecuadorian jungle right up to ice cream makers in South Australia, Shantanu has been up to the task, experienced much and paid nil. Now in his 41st month and 222 trades later, he has now …

A Thousand Dawns – Cycling the Earth by Bike

Here’s a short adventure feature I did for TMRW the other day & because it’s such a fab project, I had to just share it over here, too. Enjoy the ride and help make it happen! I don’t know about you, but there’s something that never gets old about Kickstarter projects. It’s the heart and soul it takes to bring an exciting idea to life with the help of others. And there’s countless causes I’d love to throw my money at just because they’re so darn clever. Rob Lutter’s ‘A Thousand Dawns’ is one of those inspiring endeavours I’d love to see bearing fruit. “In London, before this all began, I had lost my way. But, a journey that began as escape grew into a meaningful, emotional project based around creativity and charity. My dream ever since has been to share the story and the photography with others around the world: those in search of adventure or change or those who just love to dream and wonder, explore and ride free.” After a tremendous adventure …

Spot On | Colourful illustrations by Alex Tait

You know there’s these giveaways and you think ‘Yeah, alright. Wouldn’t mind winning that thing. And if not, whatever.’ When I quite randomly bumped into one of these twitter raffles & saw the art print he was giving away for just a retweet & a follow, it was more of a ‘I want that. I really want that. But how high’s the chance of actually winning that?’ Pretty slim, exactly. Despite the numbers, it did happen in the end. This one now has a special place in my flat! But first things first, this is the guy we’re talking about here: Alex Tait is a Berkhamstead-based artist, who fits just perfectly into the exciting pool of design talent at art agency Jelly London. His cheery & colourful vector illustrations play around with a mixed bag of motifs: sea creatures, jungle dwellers, spiritual beings and all sorts of other strange characters. Check them out below, folks. @Twitter @Instagram