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A Thousand Dawns – Cycling the Earth by Bike

Here’s a short adventure feature I did for TMRW the other day & because it’s such a fab project, I had to just share it over here, too. Enjoy the ride and help make it happen!

I don’t know about you, but there’s something that never gets old about Kickstarter projects. It’s the heart and soul it takes to bring an exciting idea to life with the help of others. And there’s countless causes I’d love to throw my money at just because they’re so darn clever. Rob Lutter’s ‘A Thousand Dawns’ is one of those inspiring endeavours I’d love to see bearing fruit.

“In London, before this all began, I had lost my way. But, a journey that began as escape grew into a meaningful, emotional project based around creativity and charity. My dream ever since has been to share the story and the photography with others around the world: those in search of adventure or change or those who just love to dream and wonder, explore and ride free.”

After a tremendous adventure around the world, covering 40.000 kilometers with his old commuter bike, exploring the cultures of thirty countries and weathering countless challenges along the way, he arrived back in London 4 years later with a whole stack of wonderful photographs in his pocket. Inspired by adventure books such as Wild, Rob now raises funds to turn his remarkable images and stories of over a thousand days on the road into a stylish travel novel alongside a 100+ page collection of incredible landscapes and faces called ‘The Photobook: Lifecycle’.

“From struggles with depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and a troubled childhood to the excitement of getting on a bicycle day after day, sleeping wild, crossing strange landscapes and meeting even stranger characters, this is a story about overcoming demons on a journey into the unknown, not just by bike, but through life.”

Find out more about ‘A Thousand Dawns’ and how to back Rob’s Kickstarter campaign here.


    • Glad you like it Maxine! It’s a wonderful project & I’m squinting at the twin collection 😉 Hope all’s well on your side!

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