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Lost in the moody hues: Maya Beano

I always have a knack for brilliant analog photography, but the level of atmosphere in Maya Beano’s moody images is off the charts. If there is ever a perfect moment, the perfect weather conditions, the perfect interplay of light and shadows, she’s right there and well knows how to use and command the elements. Whether it is playing around with haunting double exposures, long exposures, different filters of beautiful monochrome, purple, violet or turquoise colour hues or shooting on simple 35mm film format, there’s always something awe-inspiring to discover in her compositions. Of course, Maya’s skill didn’t go unnoticed over the years: Her stunning work has raised eyebrows at The Independent Photographer, has been featured in #PHOTOGRAPHY magazine, selected for a fantastic Oh Comely cover or listed as part of the If You Leave Showcases 2015 and 2016. And deservedly so. Check out more of her work here on her website and social media feed: @instagram @tumblr

And Here We Harvest the Fog

Ingenuity exists in so many ways, it’s mind-boggling what’s possible when people just pursue their dreams and harness their creativity to the fullest. That’s where the passion of the people behind Makeshift stems from. Known for a kaleidoscope of beautifully crafted content that seeks to uncover creative solutions from the economic fringe, it’s no wonder why the magazine quickly snatched a hot spot on my bookmarks list. Just take features about Barcelona’s pickpocketing school, Palestine’s lone brewery, building DIY limbs in Thailand or the Chinese copy painters of Dafen as a benchmark and you’ll get a good impression of what I mean with innovative stories. And their Power Hackers short film series is no exception, visiting unexpected makers and designers who are developing creative climate solutions. I especially loved this one on the Cloud Catchers of Peru. By using nylon nets, lo-tech ingenuity and an abundant local resource, the locals of Lima’s arid hill villages developed a hack to maintain the supply of water in the surrounding areas. With nature’s future on the razor’s edge, it’s always great to see …