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On The Bookshelf: The Quarterly Magazine Issue #2

Cover © Maud Chalard

Inevitably, you stumble across them, whether covering a whole page or squeezed into its very last corner. For many of us, adverts are inseparably entangled with our favourite magazines. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not only an admirer of the written word, exciting stories and compelling photography, but equally digging clever adverts. It’s just about keeping a balance. Well, if I’m flicking through the pages of most lifestyle, fashion or culture-related mags, all you basically do is jumping from one random perfume, clothing or technology ad to another. The actual articles quite often wither into mere fill-in amongst the crowd. To me, something’s wrong here. Annoyingly wrong. People (supposedly) buy magazines for content in the first place, right? At least I do. So where’s the value and appreciation for the creatives behind it – writers, editors and photographers – if the focus is constantly distracted from the real deal? The photographic print journal The Quarterly however proves that things can be done quite differently, devoted to an ethical, art-valuing and ad-free concept.

Well, let’s step back and get to the bottom of it. What makes The Creative Book’s most recent brainchild really stand out of the mass of print mags? Featuring thought-provoking articles about fashion, lifestyle, travel and the many faces of culture, The Quarterly proudly claims to be a magazine with guts and integrity: 100% content, no filler, no creative exploitation. Initially funded by a kickstarter campaign, the journal offers a sort of ‘fair trade for creativity’, splitting the profit of each issue evenly amongst involved contributors. It’s a wonderful way to draw the attention back to the true heart and soul of a magazine – the well-deserved and often neglected value of creative talent.

After receiving an overwhelming response to their debut edition ‘Censorship’, the creators behind The Quarterly have put another log on the fire: Heavy as a brick, filled with 144 pages of awesomeness, Issue #2, themed ‘Life & Culture’, has now officially landed. Available with three different cover designs, the magazine explores the similarities and contrasts in our eclectic cultural ideals and values, illuminating people’s relation to guns, tattoos, sex, communes, analogue photography, free-spirited adventures, immigration or street art. Snatch away Issue #2 here & better be quick about it!


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