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Wrap up time: #100DaysOfTales

So yeah, I did it! Last friday, well, 3 days behind the big schedule, I launched my final photo story on instagram. Time to wrap up & look back on the crazy amazing journey that left me inspired, exhausted and above all proud. Weeks earlier I decided to be part of a movement, a self-experiment, a challenge to see if I’d keep up or quit the whole thing. For #100DaysOfTales I captured 100 moments, big and small, meaningful and abstract, and brought them to life in 100 stories. Some were fictional stories that just felt right in the visual context, some were drawn from memories and experiences, some served as an emotional release, some actually happened right in front of me, while others were just mere thoughts and ideas that popped up and I tried to bring into a narrative order. Sounds easy peasy, but it was a struggle sometimes. There were days when I had no creativity at all, story-wise and visually. Then there were days when my brain was brimming over with ideas and had 2, 3, 4 things ready in my head, just no photo to go along with. I’m grateful for the experience, thanks Elle Luna & The Great Discontent for drawing me into this. I got inspired by the wonderful projects that appeared in my feed every day and made me try even harder to be witty and creative. On that note, check these projects out, they were my favourites along the way:

Katrina McHugh & her project #100daysoflyricalnaturalsciences


Jessica Jorgensen & #100daysofselfportraitstudies

Allison Zaucha & #100daysofselfportraitsbyallison


Thanks for reading, following, encouraging & (hopefully) appreciating.


  1. I haven’t gotten around yet to finishing my project. But I’m back-tracking yours and reading your posts! I am encouraged as well to write short stories to improved my writing. 🙂

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