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Creative Findings #3: Things done differently

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my favourite findings on the web. This time around, I’ve collected 5 lovely projects that cherish things off the beaten path. A brief look at people, who’re thinking over routines and standards and embrace new ways to inspire. Read about things done differently.

Sirene Journal is an exciting new Italian magazine that seeks to explore human relationships with the sea – all beautifully printed on algae. How true to the word is that? Anyways, its founders Alberto Coretti and Floriana Cavallo had a sit-down with magazine subscription service Stack (which I can warmly recommend) to talk about their inaugural issue. Find it here.

Here’s a word that couldn’t be more present in the public debate than ‘refugee’. A clever bunch of developers has now found a way to show their opinion and developed a typeface that replaces the word with the word ‘human’. It’s fittingly called Common Sans. Get it? You can download it here.

There are many ways to raise awareness for one of the pressing issues of our urban societies. HOME(less) is a creative project by architects Sofia Borges & Susan Nwankpa that imagines homes for the homeless in L.A. and seeks to humanise a forgotten class pushed to the margins. Head over to The Spaces to check out the fab photo essay.

Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman are two designers from New York City. As a little self-experiment and a way to live a life less self-centred and more aware of the people around them, they’ve created a series called 12 Kinds of Kindness. Check their site to follow each story along the way.

This is pretty much ‘doing this differently’ par excellence. For his series ‘To begin again from the beginning’, photographer Fabrizio Bilello has tracked down camouflaged ecovillages and its inhabitants in the English landscape, who seek an alternative to the capitalist mindset of our times. The intriguing essay was recently published by the folk at Novelty Magazine.

Hope these bits + bobs inspired you as much as me. Catch you soon next time! x

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