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Haunting monoliths of magnetic tape | The “V”HS Project

Over the years, the hunger for new technology has relentlessly thwarted one or another beloved everyday gadget we couldn’t imagine living without. While vinyl records made a miraculous return to strength, things that once reigned our living room shelves for a heartfelt eternity – music cassettes, polaroid films, Super-8 or VHS tapes – were reduced to mere nostalgia by the hands of their successors. 

Meanwhile the French mixed-media artist Philip Ob Rey has dusted off the good old magnetic tapes in style to turn his fantastic “V”HS project into a piece of social and environmental critique. His dark and brooding monoliths, created in collaboration with painter Louie Otesanek and photographer Mailie Viney, walk the frozen Icelandic vastness, clad in old VHS film-rolls, stones, feathers, shells or dry seaweeds with one single purpose: Questioning the global tech craze, the overconsumption of new technologies and consequently the unstoppable plastic pollution of the Earth. With the use of a doomed technology that humanity has inevitably forgotten, Ob Rey wants to remind humanity of the mortality of its existence, looking ahead to a future where man isn’t the master any longer and chaos reigns.

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