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‘Black Seasons’ by Julien Coquentin

© Julien Coquentin

Sometimes it just happens without knowing and I find myself dwelling around a website longer than I would care for. Facebook, twitter, pinterest or vimeo. Oh, and let’s not forget adobe’s artistic brainchild behance. The nosy creative connoisseur inside me simply loves to browse the hell out of it. Just hit ‘Most Appreciated’, pick a creative category of your choice and you’ll probably get your mind blown pretty quickly. Sometimes I happen to find a heap of really outstanding projects in a matter of minutes that way, another day it’s only one or two decent ones in half an hour of skimming through a seemingly never ending list of visual overload. Anyhow, last night I made a strike. After just about 4 swift minutes and sifting through maybe 15 other (similarly promising) projects, my cursor bumped into Julien Coquentin’s intriguing work. To be honest, the fifth and most recent chapter of his ‘Black Seasons’ series tops off probably one of the most atmospheric photographic showcases I’ve seen for quite a while. Moving along snowy roads, pacing across rich green pastures, passing by a lonely swing, studying a life of simplicity, Coquentin’s haunting imagery takes his viewers on a very personal journey to distant childhood memories in the French countryside: ‘My black seasons are fields, peasants, the darkness of a church, the silence of the forest, mad dashes and lowing of cattle, the inexorable passage of time between my fingers.’ And if you need a bit more stimulant to kick off your daydreaming session, head over to his behance postFeu! Chatterton’s ‘Côte Concorde’ most definitely provides a fitting soundtrack.

Flick through more of Julien’s works here:


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