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Say Hello to Boom Saloon

Having freelanced quite a bit in the wonderful magic world of indie magazines, keeping ad-free photography and adventure magazine Wildland Mag afloat, I was genuinely excited when I was let in on a new project idea. About a year ago, I met (then) twitter acquaintance Rachel Arthur for a chat and it felt like two magazine minds instantly clicked. We talked about the way media, journalism and the publishing industry shifted in the past years, old powerhouses falling by the wayside and how indie magazines have taken over bigger and bigger chunks of traditional readerships with exciting new content and financing models. And so we spoke about boom saloon, a new adventure she was scheming with friend and designer Jamie Smail

At its core sits a beautifully printed magazine full of inspiring stories by a collective of international contributors, seeking to spur a movement, a wave to democratise creativity for good. As part of every issue, boom saloon selects a social project to support and champion creativity in underprivileged areas. It’s about taking young creatives by the hand, nurturing their raw talent and giving them a unique platform to showcase their work.

And here we are, in September 2016 and Rachel and Jamie have just launched their kickstarter campaign: 29 days to pledge £6.000 and send this beaut on its way. So help fund this baby, it’s gonna be an absolute belter!

P.S.: I got a wee piece of writing of my own that’s gracing the pages of Boom Saloon Issue #001, so it makes it extra special for me!

boom saloon






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