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Cover © Fabienne Rivory

Croisées by Fabienne Rivory

Creating something excitingly new often means questioning common perceptions, mindsets and practices. For her long-time project ‘Labokoff’, French artist Fabienne Rivory explores the interactions between photography and painting, the interface of the real and the imagined. Just recently, she released a new, vibrant set of works – a series called ‘Croisées’ that’s as dreamy and poetic as her earlier creations: Beautifully mirrored reflections of eerie landscapes shot in b/w-tones are brought to life with bright watercolours, ink and gouache. A fusion made in heaven, as it seems. @twitter @facebook  

Alma Haser: Cosmic Surgery

As much as any kid, I was fascinated by its colours and patterns, mysterious reflections, interplay of objects that kept dancing from one mirror to the next, vanishing and re-emerging, over and over. No wonder, I instantly fell for Alma Haser’s ‘Cosmic Surgery’, which plays with the concept of the kaleidoscope in a brilliantly smart and yet refreshingly different way. The London-based photographer creates her eye-catching surrealist pictures by photographing her subject, printing multiple copies of the sitter’s face and folding them into beautiful origami structures. Eventually, these are placed over the original photo and replicated on film. The results are captivating – if only slightly disquieting – otherworldly portraits that certainly invite you to look twice. In fact, already last year Alma toyed with the idea of turning her award-winning photo project into a pop-up book to help visualise her origami designs in actual 3D. ‘I thought it was a shame that the viewer only got to see the images as flattened origami structures,’ she wondered. So with the help of the creatives behind Stanley James Press, she produced …

Creating ambiguous realities: Luisa Azevedo

I have to admit, it has never been easier to search and find beautiful things that spark my imagination. However sceptical we might be about it, Instagram is a real treat for those following the movers and shakers in the creative community. So this is one of my most recent sightings. Even though she doesn’t really like to consider herself an artist per se, Luisa Azevedo is a bright, young Portuguese photographer, instagrammer and collagist from Covilhã with a ton of creativity up her sleeve. Curious, playful and boasting a glaring love for the sea, she captures the sun-kissed moments she comes across on the Atlantic coast and wittily blends them into grand compositions that certainly makes you look not once but twice. Check out her work below & follow her adventures via instagram over here.                

Verónica Losantos: Screen Memories

When I grew up, my dad’s been following us with his faithful Canon AE-1 at every turn. The first smiles, the first steps, the first time sitting on Santa’s lap, mad birthday parties or my first day at school, you name it. But suddenly, things change. These important occasions become rarer, we begin to overlook the small moments and the gaps between collected memories in my parents’ photo books are getting bigger and bigger. Until there’s only blank pages left. Now, with literally everyone able to keep hold of the things we experience day in, day out with our smartphones, our lives are more documented than ever. There’s all the meaningful moments we keep safe in our hearts as well as those we would instantly forget and never revisit, if we wouldn’t have the technology at hand. But what happens if you never had the luxury of someone documenting your dearest memories with families and friends? What if there’s not a timeline from infancy to teenage years you can simply look back at? Photographer Verónica Losantos can …

Haunting monoliths of magnetic tape | The “V”HS Project

Over the years, the hunger for new technology has relentlessly thwarted one or another beloved everyday gadget we couldn’t imagine living without. While vinyl records made a miraculous return to strength, things that once reigned our living room shelves for a heartfelt eternity – music cassettes, polaroid films, Super-8 or VHS tapes – were reduced to mere nostalgia by the hands of their successors.  Meanwhile the French mixed-media artist Philip Ob Rey has dusted off the good old magnetic tapes in style to turn his fantastic “V”HS project into a piece of social and environmental critique. His dark and brooding monoliths, created in collaboration with painter Louie Otesanek and photographer Mailie Viney, walk the frozen Icelandic vastness, clad in old VHS film-rolls, stones, feathers, shells or dry seaweeds with one single purpose: Questioning the global tech craze, the overconsumption of new technologies and consequently the unstoppable plastic pollution of the Earth. With the use of a doomed technology that humanity has inevitably forgotten, Ob Rey wants to remind humanity of the mortality of its existence, …

Spot On | Emma Abad

For some reason, I’ve never featured someone on here who’s (predominantly) working with collages. Well, every streak has to come to an end some day. May I introduce? This is Emma Abad. She’s a mixed media artist and Jersey native, who grabbed my attention by, well, just being awesome on my instagram feed. Her work merges photography, illustration and watercolours in beautiful image manipulations that seek to explore the relationships of identity and narratives encompassing our lives. “I’m forever influenced by narrative art. Creative stories without explanations or consequences that build self-discovery and awareness is an ever-growing process for me. There is a desire to always find an answer to a problem.” Indeed, there’s something incredibly mysterious, soothing and adventurous about her dreamy collages that resonates in between the layers and makes me want to play detective, uncover and suss out the hidden story fragments. Check it out, it’s pretty rad!               Check out more of her artworks & get in touch via social media. Emma Abad @Twitter @Instagram @Facebook

Spot On | The Pixel Trade

A warm bed, a hearty dish and a flight ticket to Marrakech for a stack of beautiful food photography. Sounds almost too good to be true? Well, that’s pretty much how it works if your name is Shantanu Starick. Dreaming of traveling to the world’s 7 continents, dissatisfied and constantly questioning how the creative industries worked, the Australian photographer dared to brush aside old principles and fight his constant struggle between work exposure, financial income and creative fulfilment. So by June 2012 he set up Pixel Trade and started offering his professional work in exchange for life’s simplest necessities – a place to stay, something to eat & the means to get to the next place without spending a single dime. And it seems to have been quite a smooth ride: From photographing weddings in California, artisan knife makers in Ireland, adventurers in the Ecuadorian jungle right up to ice cream makers in South Australia, Shantanu has been up to the task, experienced much and paid nil. Now in his 41st month and 222 trades later, he has now …